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“Due to a change in job opportunities, I had an urgent need for relearning my German language skills and for improving these skills. I contacted Mrs Tøttrup and arranged for individual tuition. During these sessions, I rediscovered my German skills after more than 25 years. Mrs Tøttrup’s well-prepared teaching with valuable feedback after each lesson enabled me to communicate in German and to perform a new job in Germany. I therefore warmly recommend Mrs Tøttrup.”


Grethe Tøttrup helped me brush up my German language skills as I was going to work with German-speaking countries. The language course was tailor-made to my personal level, and the course was pleasant, challenging and educative. I warmly recommend Grethe if your staff needs a brush-up of their German language skills.

Simon Christensen

I have worked together with Grethe Tøttrup for several years on global assignments, in her role as a certified translator.

Google Translate and other tools can to a certain degree easily translate words into different languages. But Grethe’s greatest strength is that she translates understanding and knowledge in various contexts.

With great carefulness and with great politeness, Grethe chases the underlying meaning and translates it into understanding in the target language and its culture – this creates value.

As Grethe’s business partner you can expect to be challenged on the message that you wish to convey. That way, cooperation with Grethe will often lead to personal training.

Søren Møller, Owner, The Develop Group

We have used Tøttrup Translation by Grethe Tøttrup for translating technical and legal documents from Danish into English. The documents were to be used for submission of tenders in major projects. Tøttrup Translation solved the tasks to our full satisfaction and at the time promised.  I warmly recommend Tøttrup Translation for producing translations and data sheets.

Lars Dahlby Glerup, Project Manager, Saint Gobain/Brdr. Dahl

I have worked with Grethe from Tøttrup Translation several times, and each time she delivers a really great piece of work. Grethe has helped me with English and German texts, including proofreading of the languages and translation from Danish into English and German. Grethe always gets back to me swiftly as regards price or questions about a specific project or as regards follow-up. She always delivers what we have agreed on and also gives a few pieces of advice or asks clarifying questions if something could be optimised. And the best thing: She is very realistic about estimating the time spent on her work, and this means that you can always be sure to receive the texts at the time agreed on – and maybe even earlier. I warmly recommend Grethe, and I feel completely safe using her expertise in the future when I need English or German support in any aspect.

Kia Allentoft Jørgensen, Marketing Consultant, Social Media Expert, Designer Nerd & copywriter

Hargassner Danmark has used Tøttrup Translation for the translation of flyers and brochures from German and English into Danish.  

Grethe works fast and is ready for challenges. Her work is extremely professional – she always follows up on the jobs she has finished and does not submit anything before the customer has approved of it.

We feel absolutely sure that we will use Tøttrup Translation again for our translations in the future.

Bent Christensen, Hargassner Danmark,


Teaching German:
Mick Bruun, indehaver, Dansk Skovservice, Havndal,

Danish Military Prosecution Service under the Danish Ministry of Defence (Forsvarsministeriets Auditørkorps).

The Danish Police

The Danish courts

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